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Reconnecting Roots: Entertaining Mishaps

Oct. 23, 2018

Written by: Ryan Estabrooks

When making a TV series, sometimes things go exactly as planned. Sometimes things go so perfectly, you can only sit back in awe and thank the universe for your good fortune.


This is not one of those times.


When filming for our “Technology” episode, we had a section that dives into the “technological convergence” happening in our world. Many people fear machines will more and more control aspects of our daily lives. If these outtakes are to be believed, though, we have nothing to worry about for some years to come.


We had an iPad setup on a roving machine that you can drive via a remote control. It took a lot of effort and quite a few takes to get it all in the can. Sometimes it wouldn’t move the way we needed it to. The bump going from the tile to the carpet was a bit of a headache. Gabe (who was on the iPad and controlled the device) couldn’t see who he was talking to. Plus - it can be difficult to steer it and chat at the same time. What seemed like such a simple task turned into a delicate choreographed ballet of machines.


Thankfully, those mishaps turned out to be super entertaining. Enjoy!


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