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Reconnecting Roots Apparel is Now Available!

WRITTEN BY: Ryan Estabrooks

Have you ever been watching “Reconnecting Roots” or listened to our podcast and thought “I love this stuff! I wish there was a better way to tell others about it!”. You’re in luck because we now have a store open with many different Reconnecting Roots goodies ready for purchase.

Hop on over and take a look at our stylish looking hats, shirts, and accessories. We worked extensively with some amazing artists to get these things looking perfect. We wanted to make clothing that looked fashionable in its own right, even if you weren’t familiar with Reconnecting Roots. We also road-tested the shirts to make sure they’re super comfortable and let you tell you, these may in fact be the softest shirts we’ve ever worn.

And due to popular demand, we’re now selling the “Make America Gaelic Again” green hat that was featured in the “Irish Americans” episode from Season 2.  Just in time for election season, everyone’s favorite part of the year!

When you do grab a shirt and a hat, we’d love to see how good it looks on you! Drop us a photo on any of our social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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