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Reconnecting Roots is a team of free thinkers inspired by American ideals, devoted to sharing stories that illuminate the past and guide us forward. We spark generational conversations and inspire learning through a TV show, music, podcasts and more.


We are all getting swept up in a tidal wave of progress. But somewhere among all this upgrading, updating, and modernizing, it might be a good idea to take a deep breath and check in on what’s being lost.


Life is moving forward so fast, both technologically and culturally, how do we stay attached to the roots that made us? That’s what Reconnecting Roots is all about—taking a moment to reflect on the heritage that’s still all around us and use it to spark conversations across generations.




Gabe McCauley is an actor and film director as well as the founder of the production company, lilDRAGON. He has directed over seven seasons of television, hundreds of commercials, music videos, and the feature film, Heaven Bound. Gabe lives in Columbia, TN with his wife Mandy, the music supervisor of Reconnecting Roots, and is a proud daddy to Scout and Ash. As the host of Reconnecting Roots, Gabe combines his own comedic personality with his passion for telling stories with purpose. Gabe strives to use media to shape the culture for tomorrow.



Frank Smith is a Canadian / American engineer and inventor/manufacturer. His huge success in the cultivation of his mining equipment companies (Smith Equipment USA and TowHaul) has allowed him to now step away from the mining industry and pursue his other passion, storytelling. A songwriter himself, Frank and his wife, Karen, created and built Music Ranch Montana: a venue that hosts a summer series of music and events every year on a beautiful 70+ acre ranch in Paradise Valley, MT. Music Ranch Montana has featured artists such as The Charlie Daniels Band, Joey+Rory, The Bellamy Brothers, Charley Pride, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. A truly American success story, Frank’s own personal experience compelled him to combine his passions for music & history with authentic storytelling in order to encourage today’s generation to continue to improve on yesterday’s successes.


Nashville based film and video production company, lilDRAGON is passionate about using the medium of film to influence the world. The most effective way to communicate a message is by telling a story and filmmaking is the most captivating method available for any platform. lilDRAGON has engaged audiences through authentic storytelling through film and television for the past 16 years. Our core belief is that the stories we tell define who we are.  Reconnecting Roots is not only an important work, but one that we are entirely interconnected with and inherently passionate about because it is also our story.

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