The sound of Reconnecting Roots blends yesterday with modern day- just like the content of the show. We are at an exciting place in the human timeline, as well as in music, where we have the means to use modern technology and intertwine it with the innovation of our ancestry. Reconnecting Roots will show you how this all mends together; the music will let you hear it. 

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The album with original music from Reconnecting Roots Season 2 is out now! firekid (Dillon Hodges & Heidi Feek) and Mandy McCauley took iconic songs from the American public domain that tied in with the topics of each episode of Season 2. Some of the original recordings can have words that hurt, and some of those words have powerful messages of hope. firekid and Mandy sat down in a cabin in Paradise Valley, Montana and their little house in Muscle Shoals, Alabama to examine these songs, re-write and re-imagine them for the ears and hearts of today.

These songs have been woven into the fabric of our American musical heritage. Through the years, the melodies and lyrics have evolved. We are sure they will keep doing so depending on who is telling that particular story and how it pertains to their personal experience. That’s what music can do, it lives on, it evolves, it bridges generational gaps. And somehow, even if we never met the original songwriters, through the magical mystery of music, the melodies and messages can become our own.



What Mandy McCauley and firekid (Hodges/Feek) set out to write was a feeling of nostalgia, warmth, and hope. "We're Home" blends Katherine Lee Bates' "America the Beautiful" lyrics, a song engrained in the songbook of America, with the idea that this country is home to all of us. Every artist throughout the series will connect you back to America's roots. Whether they perform an original or sing a cover, the Reconnecting Roots' artists bring exceptional talent to every episode.   


Each episode features iconic music and performances of old songs made new re-imagined by house band firekid and Mandy McCauley. Reconnecting Roots Season 2 continues to engage a new generation seeking to learn about the past while encouraging us all to make a better future.


Mandy McCauley

Wrote and arranged our show’s theme song with the help from firekid

On her album, The Understudy, there is a culmination of her prior musical pursuits, a reflection of all that is Mandy. This album features what Mandy calls “folk hop”, a fusion of organic sounds like acoustic guitars with an 808 behind it. Her collaboration with Firekid created an amazing tribute to “America the Beautiful."



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